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Arlin Smith of Hugo’s and Eventide Oyster Co. on finding William S. Burroughs in the walls

Hanging on the wall on the way to the restroom at Eventide Oyster Co. is a framed picture of famed writer, beat poet and deranged genius William S. Burroughs. In the photograph, Burroughs appears to be sitting stern-faced at a bar. An inscription on the frame reads “Photo of William S. Burroughs found in the […]

On the Captain Jim video thing and reporting on homophobia

In response to the video featuring James “Captain Jim” Harkins of Atlantic Adventures yelling at cyclist Jay Riley and then using a homophobic slur, Harkins has suggested that the video has been edited to be deceiving and it does not show everything that happened. This is fair to consider, as both notorious bags of shit […]