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Wedding Season—the official season of crazy—is upon us.

I remember thinking in my mid-20s—right when it seemed as though there were 6-7 weddings per summer and I felt like I couldn’t get my shit together—that weddings were these small, impermanent nations of crazy. That their people rally around couples instead of flags. Every attendee—every single one—seemed insane. The couple is driven to mental/emotional […]

Thinking of Boston

Thoughts: We should establish a national holiday for recognizing emergency response teams, Good Samaritans, and all of the other folks who give days like these a strong silver lining. While laughter seems unthinkable for many at present, I want to thank the funny-makers in advance for helping us cope in the days to come. Earlier […]

Might + Main launches GayMarry.ME, a database of equality-focused wedding officiants

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in the State of Maine, who will officiate all of the coming ceremonies? Immediately after same-sex marriage was voted into law on Tuesday, I noticed about a dozen folks, some on Twitter and some on Facebook, announce to their networks that they are qualified to officiate marriages in Maine. […]