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Congratulations to the #USMFuture movement

Congratulations to the students and other community supporters who make up the #USMFuture movement. Despite the fact that USM President Theodora Kalikow suggests otherwise, it is evident that their agitation, along with the efforts of the Faculty Senate, resulted in the reversal of faculty “retrenchment” (the corporate euphemism that institutions use when they don’t want […]

University of Southern Maine mentioned in “We are Creating Walmarts of Higher Education”

The University of Southern Maine was mentioned in ‘We Are Creating Walmarts of Higher Education’, a December 26 Atlantic Monthly article about universities cutting programs in order to graduate more students for less money. The mention: Some campuses of the University of North Carolina system are mulling getting rid of history, political science, and various […]

Prof. Jason Read on Pervert’s Guides, Žižek and ‘They Live’

SPACE Gallery and the USM Philosophy Symposium have teamed up to present an ongoing philosophy film series since February, 2007. On Wednesday, March 20th, they will show A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, the 14th film in their series. Presumably, a follow up to A Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, Ideology features a lot of Slavoj Žižek […]