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25 Vintage Maine Video Clips

Featuring but not limited to:- LL Cool J at Colby in 1985 ACT UP acting up Reenactment of a fatal clown heart attack Reenactment of boy getting tongue stuck in a canteen Mustachioed Karate students Late 80s teen bodybuilding competition Fingers in the Oakhurst cream cheese Tim Sample being awesome Introspective Rob Caldwell … and […]

Maine’s Majority Executive Director Chris Korzen on Koch Brothers Exposed

Tomorrow evening, Maine’s Majority will host a screening of Koch Brothers Exposed to kick off their Portland Progressive Happy Hour series. The screening will be held at 7:00pm at the Nickelodeon Patriot Cinemas.¬†According the Maine’s Majority website, the film “explores the political influence of Charles and David Koch, two billionaire brothers who have bankrolled a […]