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20 Instagram photos that capture Halloween 2014 in Maine

Yesterday was one of the Halloweeniest All Hallows’ Eves I have experienced in a long time. Not long after dark, my wife, friends and I sat at Mi Sen in Portland, ate noodles, and watched people—the vast majority creatively adorned—walk by on Congress Street. There was a particular energy in the air, which I later […]

Infographic: For Whom Would Your Favorite Horror Movie Vote?

To celebrate the intersection of Halloween and Election Season, we at Knack Factory teamed up with Portland, Oregon based and author Sarah Marshall to visualize the implied political orientation of our favorite horror movies. You can click the image above (or right here) to have a closer look at what we came up with. We […]

The Hanover House Director Corey Norman discusses horror and making his film in Maine

The Hanover House is a feature length horror film made in Maine by Corey and Haley Norman. The film was financed, in part, by a successful crowd-funding campaign. I talked with Corey about his interest in the genre—particularly 70s horror—his influences, and what goes through the mind of a filmmaker when the stresses of production […]