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The Wolf of Wall Street, tons of sex, and unbridled greed as domestic terrorism

WARNING: Coarse language about cocaine, hookers, sex, and the financial sector. I saw Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street this weekend, and I enjoyed almost everything about the movie. Immediately before it started, my wife looked around the theater and told me that she was surprised to see so many lone, middle-aged men in […]

Ask Alex: Dealing with post-disaster anxiety

Alex, The Boston bombing is affecting me deeper way than I expected it would. I was very young during 9/11, and while a number of things have happened in the country that can make a person feel insecure, this incident has been especially touching. What do you do in order to feel better in situations […]

Thinking of Boston

Thoughts: We should establish a national holiday for recognizing emergency response teams, Good Samaritans, and all of the other folks who give days like these a strong silver lining. While laughter seems unthinkable for many at present, I want to thank the funny-makers in advance for helping us cope in the days to come. Earlier […]