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Would Dr. King have survived our crowd-sourced judgement gauntlet?

Today I spent the first fifteen minutes of my morning lying in bed, promising myself that I would not look at Twitter or other social media channels before thinking about Martin Luther King on my own terms. I imagined seeing in those streams of messaging the seemingly inevitable appropriations. I imagined the left hammering away […]

Tuesdays with Facebook

[Warning: Coarse Language] Meanwhile, on Facebook: Crystal ain’t takin’ none of nobody’s guff today. A not-so-funny list. A funny list that you’ll never admit is funny until your partner catches you laughing at it uncontrollably in bed and forces you to acknowledge that you are a hypocrite and an elitist. Several of your classmates from […]

Discussing “What’s Next” in online marketing with Dream Local Digital’s Shannon Kinney

This is the fifth in my series of interviews with folks who will be speaking at the BDN What’s Next Conference. Check out my talks with Spose, Anthony Ronzio, Patrick Roche and Amanda O’Brien. Shannon Kinney is the Founder and CEO of Dream Local Digital. She has more than 15 years of experience in the […]

Amanda O’Brien on social media, business, and the camaraderie of Mainers

This is the fourth in my series of interviews with folks who will be speaking at the BDN What’s Next Conference. Last week I spoke with Spose and Anthony Ronzio, and the week before that I chatted with Patrick Roche of Think Tank. Amanda manages Hall Internet Marketing‘s marketing department and is responsible for marketing […]

Talking the Zimmerman trial and “making things about race” with Samuel James

The following exchange is extracted from a conversation I had with Samuel James about the social media response to the Zimmerman case. I reached out to Sam because so much of the commentary I had seen online, particularly from within my immediate circles, sounded very much as if it was written by and for white […]

Introducing the Knack Factory podcast series

I try not hawk my own wares here, but my company [Knack Factory] just launched its new website, part of which is a podcast series I: … talk with artists, activists, politicians and professionals about their work, their passion, and their lives online. I was fortunate to chat with Heidi Moore [podcast] of The Guardian […]

Flyte New Media’s Rich Brooks is a Social Butterfly

Hanging in Flyte New Media President Rich Brooks’ office is a Spiderman calendar. Standing in his office is a cardboard cutout of the red, blue and black costumed Marvel superhero. “I love the ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ bit,” Brooks told me. I am more a fan of Peter Parker than anything else. I […]