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Realism is failing us in Iraq, Pakistan, and the rest of the world

Like everybody else in America, I have been disgusted and horrified by the violent acts of the so-called Islamic State. I am repulsed on a human level as these people appear to have emerged from a horror movie. Upon the release of that last beheading video, the executioner said, “I’m back, Obama,” before cutting off […]

Because these thoughts didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Really. I don’t pick up hitchhikers wearing tank tops. Anyone who employs the preemptive caveat “I hate to be a buzz kill, but…” is a goddamn liar. “Like a Prayer” just came on the radio. Please excuse me for five minutes while I try like Hell to remember the kneeling-for-prayer-emerges-into-jumping-and-spastic-jazzhands dance my cousin and I […]