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Maine, Thanfully: Kelly Arbor and Gaelle Win Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony

When I first started thinking of the Maine, Thankfully series, I found myself excited to talk with folks who are doing work that changes the way most think about community service. The work that Kelly Arbor and Gaelle¬†Win¬†Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (M.E.S.H.) are engaging in will likely do exactly that. On paper, […]

Search terms by which people found my blog: Wolf of Wall Street Sex Scenes Edition

Warning: Coarse language, particularly the sort of language people use when they believe that no one is checking in on the kinds of things they are searching for online. Search engine terms by which people found my blog over the past two days, as categorized by which excesses portrayed in The Wolf of Wall Street […]

Portland Digital Inventory and Weekend Goings On, December 14 – 16

Both the Digital Inventory and Weekend Goings-On listings were a little thin, so I combined them this week. Enjoy. Warning: There is some language down there. Be careful. Here are some things you can do in the coming days: FRIDAY Free Wine Tasting at Rosemont Market on Brighton Avenue They’ll be showing off holiday season […]