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In a culture that fetishizes youth and health, discussing illness is a radical act

Kelly Coviello is an editor and the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan that I know. She is also very ill. Coviello’s illness is complex and she explains it in detail below. More importantly—and the reason I interviewed her—she is particularly public about her illness in her life and on social media. We discussed why, in a […]

Princess Riot, or: Everything you always wanted to know about princesses (but were afraid to ask)

My three-year-old step-daughter wants to be a princess for Halloween despite her having already gone as one last year. We bluffed, “Okay, but you were a princess already. You can’t be the same thing two years in a row…” (Even though I was a widow’s-peaked blood-sucker like, 400 years in a row when I was […]