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Second Time Around: Ghost Protocol, Shallow Grave and Night of the Demons Edition

I watch a lot of movies on the weekends, most of which are rentals (shout out to Videoport). I am going to start recapping them here, because what else am I going to do with those experiences?  Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)  The most frustrating thing about how enjoyable the Mission: Impossible franchise is that […]

Interview: On the road with punk, drugs, human nature, and EDM

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Selena Rox about her time behind the scenes of some of the biggest punk shows in the world. We discussed many of the things she learned about people, music, drugs and popular culture while back stage at The Warped Tour and traveling with EDM act GRiZ. Selena is […]

Rest well, Matt Robinson. Thanks for everything.

The Taxis: Josh Malia, Michael O’Connor, Joe Brien, Brian Crosby, Matt Robinson I read in the Portland Press Herald this morning that Matthew Robinson died unexpectedly last Sunday. It sounds like Robinson started a successful painting company over the past decade and that those who knew him personally and professionally have nothing but love and […]

On the Captain Jim video thing and reporting on homophobia

In response to the video featuring James “Captain Jim” Harkins of Atlantic Adventures yelling at cyclist Jay Riley and then using a homophobic slur, Harkins has suggested that the video has been edited to be deceiving and it does not show everything that happened. This is fair to consider, as both notorious bags of shit […]

Portlanders on Portlanders No. 1 (feat. Sontiago, Kurt Baker, Knaughty Sarah and More)

In which I ask five Portlanders about some of their other favorite Portlanders. This time around I asked five local rock stars which Portland musicians they have been listening to lately. Sonya Tomlinson (Sontiago) Samuel James continues to be a lasting favorite. He puts on a solid and interactive live performance while simultaneously entertaining with […]