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“Don’t prod into my gender identity at a birthday party”

When my friend Robbie, who identifies as trans, told me that someone brought up the topic of genitals (in the context of reassignment) in an inappropriate business setting, my first impulse was to ask, “really?” But then I thought for a second and immediately took that “really?” back. In general, though, genitals don’t come up […]

On Liza Long’s “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” Hanna Rosin’s critique, child privacy, and the one-sided nature of “going viral”

On one hand, I appreciated the testimony of Liza Long’s “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” as it was great to see people strongly consider the ways our society addresses mental illness. I occasionally “liked” the link when I saw it posted, but I waited to post it myself because something about the piece irked me. […]