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Mr. Trump: Please devote part of your visit to the youth. [Guest Post]

My friend David Thete, a young activist and organizer, wrote the following open letter to Donald Trump regarding the presidential candidate’s rally later this afternoon. Thete, who is soon bound for Morehouse College, is young, bright and extraordinarily passionate about justice and the fate of the youth. I’d love to see Mr. Trump take David […]

Networking through an improv lens and with an eff it attitude

After reading my thoughts on networking last week, my friend Rachel Flehinger told me that a lot of the concepts that I covered are ones that come up in her classes. Rachel, a longtime improv veteran, teaches classes that incorporate improv into situations that entrepreneurs, small business people, and corporate folks run into day to day. She […]

Taking my teenage to stage: I got Mortified and lived to tell the tale

Mortified is an exercise in retrospective, voyeuristic group therapy as a form of public entertainment. A number of people—5 in the case of a recent event that took place at SPACE Gallery on Saturday night—get in front of a crowd and read excerpts from their teenage journals. While it sounds like it has the potential […]

Straddling Class: Feeling out of place while in between classes

My friend Shay told me that it sounds to her like I am a class straddler. I explained that I was incredibly uncomfortable while in the crowd at The Moth Mainstage event at The State Theater. (The Moth, for the uninitiated, is a live storytelling event, recorded versions of which air on MPBN Radio.) MPBN […]

24 Hours in Portland, Maine

This list was inspired by this Buzzfeed post, which mentions Portland as a destination town. What is particularly funny is that it is illustrated by a picture of the old Portland Public Market, which hasn’t been open for years, suggesting that the author has never actually been to Portland. I am thankful for the input […]

Joel Beauchamp takes a look back [and forward] at Pocket Brunch

My company [Knack Factory] recorded this Podcast with Pocket Brunch‘s Joel Beauchamp at Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine. I mention this because they were gracious enough to host us, and because it explains all of the clink-y clank-y goings-on in the background. Also, we drank a lot by way of rum drinks, so if […]

“Lovecraft: A Darker Key” opens tonight at Sanctuary Tattoo [A discussion with Michelle Souliere]

Tonight is First Friday Art Walk and at Sanctuary Tattoo will present Lovecraft: A Darker Key. It is a group show curated by Carrie Vinette, Michelle Souliere, and Brandon Kawashima, and it features the collective efforts of twelve artists (Eric Anderson, Tom Brown, Clayton Cameron, Ryan Fleming, Brandon Kawashima, Max Leon, Marco, Christian Matzke, Eric […]