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“I Grew Up Here” by Jen Michaud, Timber Sports Competitor + Poet [video]

At Fryeburg Fair Woodsmen’s Field Day, we met Jen Michaud, a timber sports competitor, a slam poet, and a graduate of Unity College. She let us tag along with her throughout the day, and even recited for us her poem “I Grew Up Here” from the sidelines of the event.

Maine, Thanfully: Kelly Arbor and Gaelle Win Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony

When I first started thinking of the Maine, Thankfully series, I found myself excited to talk with folks who are doing work that changes the way most think about community service. The work that Kelly Arbor and Gaelle¬†Win¬†Robin of Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (M.E.S.H.) are engaging in will likely do exactly that. On paper, […]