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20 momentous events, happenings, releases and occasions from 2012

Because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t offer up some kind of year-end list? These are the events, happenings, releases and occasions that left a significant mark on me in 2012: Oikos University. Aurora. Sikh Temple. Sandy Hook Elementary. A bunch of heroic nerds landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars. This […]

20 Portland Things For Which I am Thankful

Here are 20 Portland-y things I am thankful for. The Portland Public Library, YES Books, Longfellow Books, The Green Hand, Strange Maine, Casablanca Comics, and Coast City Comics for keeping us literate David Meiklejohn, Barry Dodd, Videoport (obviously) and the DIY film and video scene The wonderful, friendly, and beautiful staff folks at Local 188, […]

Planned Parenthood is for boys too, silly. On cash mobbing, protesting and more.

This morning I read that a cash mob to support Planned Parenthood today could likely lead to a clash with opponents of abortion just a half hour before I drove by said opposition, standing outside of the clinic with their macabre signs. The Portland Press Herald wrote: Nearly 90 people are expected to join the […]