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Spose talks crowdfunding, All Rs, and engagement in the Facebook age

Here is Spose and me hanging out by a dumpster in Sanford. Surprisingly, I did not find those lady sunglasses in the dumpster. Note: There are some swears in here, though they are only the PG-13 kind so just relax already. This is the first post in my upcoming series of conversations with folks who […]

ThinkTank’s Patrick Roche explains co-working spaces

The following is an excerpt from a conversation Jodie Lapchick and I had with Patrick Roche, Founder and Director of ThinkTank Co-working. Patrick explains what ThinkTank is, and the concept and beliefs behind co-working. What is ThinkTank and what is a co-working space? We started here in Portland about three years ago on Exchange Street, […]