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Portland Pride! Co-Chair Jill Barkley on the importance of LGBT celebration and the road ahead

I had the great pleasure of talking with Jill Barkley, Co-chair, along with Christopher O’Connor, of Portland Pride! They oversaw the 10 days of events, lectures, and parties that celebrated LGBT pride in Southern Maine over the past week and a half. The event culminated in a massive parade and festival that took part on […]

Cutler, Michaud, progress and the trickiness of voting records (and a lack thereof)

Yesterday EqualityMaine endorsed the Gubernatorial bid of Mike Michaud. In her blog, BDN Reporter Rebekah Metzler has done a pretty great job of breaking down the rationale of the endorsement process, which she calls “largely a political game.” She also explains why “even in a state like Maine where officials without a partisan affiliation have […]

25 momentous events, happenings and occasions from 2013

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, these are the events, happenings and occasions that left a significant mark on me in 2013. I use some adult language, so beware. The Chelyabinsk meteor, which most know as “that fireball that soared through Russian skies,” scared the shit out of everyone when numerous videos of it […]

I am happy for Rep. Michaud on a human level

I am happy for Rep. Michaud on a human level, hence the general lack of my characteristic calculating rhetoric and dark cynicism about electoral politics. It will come—don’t worry—but I am just giving it a day because good for him. Read Rep. Michaud’s conversation with BDN’s Christopher Cousins here. PHOTO CREDIT: The multi-talented Troy Bennett