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Insights and advice to emerging Portland-based creative professionals

A colleague recently asked me to offer advice or insights for young Portland-based creative professionals looking for internships, entry level jobs related industry experience. I figured I’d offer an amended version of that list here. If you are planning on getting hired as a freelancer, get insured professionally  (at least from a liability perspective). By way of a […]

What is branding and why should I care?

Not only does brand consideration, thinking and strategy enter my company’s work with clients on a daily basis, we at my company is currently going through the process of a rebranding ourselves. While the process of brand development can be extraordinarily beneficial for companies and entrepreneurs, I realize that it remains mysterious to many. Because of this, I reached […]

Maine winter survival tips (in case you’re new or have forgotten how it’s done)

I recently stumbled upon this glorious archived Reddit post in which Mainers offer advice on how to survive a winter in Maine. Here I have pulled some of the best nuggets and tried to organize the advice around categories so that it is a bit easier to sort through. Should you have the time, though, […]

Best ice cream shop in Maine, Catbird Creamery, to appear on the Cooking Channel this Sunday

That’s Sunday, not sundae. THIS IS A NO PUN ZONE. Anyway, my very favorite ice cream shop, Catbird Creamery, will be on Unique Sweets at 10p this Sunday. Unique Sweets is on the Cooking Channel. Producers from the channel were in Portland earlier this year filming for a bunch of different shows. Eater Maine covered […]