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20 Instagram photos that capture Halloween 2014 in Maine

Yesterday was one of the Halloweeniest All Hallows’ Eves I have experienced in a long time. Not long after dark, my wife, friends and I sat at Mi Sen in Portland, ate noodles, and watched people—the vast majority creatively adorned—walk by on Congress Street. There was a particular energy in the air, which I later […]

Maine Made Holiday Gift Guide: 2012

Since it’s gift-guide season, I asked the folks that pay attention to things I say on Facebook to suggest what Maine-crafted goods they would like to be on the receiving end of and over 50 suggestions came in. What follows are those I found the most swellegant. Enjoy. [See Also: 37 Great, Affordable [Mostly] Maine […]

Portland Digital Inventory: Missed Connections, lists, Tweets that will make you stabby, and more

An inventory of quasi-noteworthy Portland-focused Internet mentions from the past handful of days. Top 6 lines from Portland Missed Connections: I was selfish and foolish, like a person who wants to make a wild tiger a pet, to think I could make you settle down. [Link] You were passing out samples of pirate booty. You […]