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Molly Steinmetz, Facebook and Instagram friend portrait artist, on her show

A Very Large Collection of Very Small Portraits, a gallery show by Molly Steinmetz, opens at Pinecone + Chickadee tonight (it’s First Friday!) and will hang there throughout the month. Steinmetz, a Portland-based illustrator, drew portraits of over 300 of her Facebook and Instagram friends. The endeavor began as an¬†extension of the #100daysproject (Steinmetz calling […]

That time Ivan Brunetti sent me a postcard and a drawing

When I was in high school there was this small pack of cool, older kids who shopped at thrift stores and listened to The Lemonheads and the Smithereens and hosted viewing parties of Twin Peaks (which they showed on Laserdisc, obviously). Ah, the 90s. It was also through those kids that I learned about underground […]