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The Maine GOP is a successful, albeit soulless, machine

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” — Mark Twain You know, sometimes you produce a short documentary about an gubernatorial candidate that—unbeknownst to you—contains a song lyric that alludes to another elected official giving head. Then the GOP […]

Governor LePage just invents the news now.

I usually have a bit of fun imagining the mechanics of the hair-brained goings-on of the Blaine House, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that this action must be part of an elaborate coping mechanism. It is easier, I suppose, to find the humor in the latest LePage foibles than to truly examine how sad […]

On gerrymandering and the Fiscal Cliff “Deal”

Yesterday I saw a couple of people Tweet links to a study that indicated that a devastatingly high number of Americans believe that “politics” is ruing the country, to which I responded “Politics” isn’t ruining the country; these a******s and s***loads of money are ruining the country.” But I left out gerrymandering, apparently. As we […]

American Conservatism and Pundit Culture: The mouth has taken over; it tells the brain what to do.

Note: There are two occurrences of profanity in this piece, which might somehow offend some readers more than anything Ann Coulter has ever said. The outcomes of last week’s election were less about affirmation of President Obama’s vision, the size of government, and/or the rights of gay people and pot-smokers than they were about a […]

On progress, appreciation, and getting back in the ring

Of the two outcomes that were most likely last night, I am elated that President Obama won a second term and, more importantly, that Governor Romney and his outmoded Reagan-revivalist vision of America lost. I am happy to have woken up in a state in which “gay marriage” is a concept that is off the […]

The RNC hired a firm that dabbles in voter registration fraud, for some reason.

As you might remember, the GOP swears up and down that voter fraud is destroying our great nation, and we must take action in order to stop it. They are so upset about this scourge that they are trying to pass laws all over the country, including here in Maine, to make it harder for […]

Nowhere to Turn: Mitt Romney is “the twisted echo of Jay Gatsby”

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney suggested to a crowd of Latinos that he cared about 100% of Americans, which is devastatingly hilarious. He was bandying about this new percentage to ensure that even though he was caught on tape telling the guests at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser that nearly half of the citizens in […]