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Dispatches from “Forever” Land: Dana Gould on Manson, Manson in Full House

While at Il Capriccio in Los Feliz a few nights back (wonderful) my wife and I sat and read while I pretended not to notice that we shared an otherwise empty patio with the great Dana Gould, from whom were seated two tables down. Gould recapped for his companion the story John Cusack recently told about Brian Wilson’s wit, honesty […]

SURPRISE! My first real Twitter meltdown was about Full House

I had my first real Twitter meltdown last night. Those who know me well won’t be surprised to learn that it was about Full House, which is rumored to be making a comeback ala Girl Meets World. Said meltdown was fueled by rum, poutine from Nosh, and ice cream. It wasn’t pretty. A taste. [WARNING: […]

Donna Martin Graduates: The Nineteen Nineties, tangentially

WARNING: Some of the language / links below are not safe for work, younger folks, or sensitive people. None of it is really that bad but if I don’t point this out, some people get emotional and write thousand-word emails to my bosses. NOTE: Lines separated by a slash or a word that is not […]