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Re-evaluate your life: 40 Twitter-sourced life tips

I searched for the occasions in which people tweeted the phrase “re-evaluate your life” and came back with 40 of the [mostly] ridiculous things Twitter-users feel strongly about (which include Snapchat, Frozen, and looting Dollar Trees). “If… your Snapchat is always videos of you getting drunk… your Snapchat story is 135 seconds… your Snapchat story […]

Filmmaker David Meiklejohn talks Damnationland, pursuing struggle in Los Angeles

David Meiklejohn is a filmmaker and one of the co-producers of Damnationland, an annual Maine-based film anthology that “features genre-defying original works” and celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. The premier takes place at The State Theater on Friday, October 17th with additional screenings scheduled throughout the remainder of the month.  The event will also […]