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Vacation Notes, Round I

“If a horse can be a star, think how dumb the people are.” — Ella Fitzgerald, “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer” My wife and I spent 7 days on vacation in Eastport, Maine at one of Ross Furman’s properties. We spent the first three evenings with our parents, the next two alone, and […]

Road trip albums and other audio miscellany

“I know, honey. You’re a ride or die bitch.” — My wife while driving the two of us to Eastport for a week of sun-soaked vacation I am in Eastport for vacation and before I headed up here I asked the Internet what albums make for perfect road trip fodder. I am glad that I […]

On getting super emo because Bank Square Pizza is closing.

Joe Ricchio, Joel Beauchamp the Knack Factory production crew, [158 / Pocket Brunch proprietors] Josh and Katie Potocki and I met Marilu Larrea Scott when we all filmed an episode of Food Coma TV there in the summer of 2012. We visited and fell in love with her restaurant Bank Square Pizza which is, despite […]