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Interview: Kate Beever recalls close friend and mentor Frank Glazer

Frank Glazer, Maine pianist and Bates artist-in-residence, died Tuesday morning. His 100th birthday would have been next month. Music writer and journalist Sam Pfeifle aptly summed up Glazer and his life on Facebook: [He] is one of the most impressive Mainers ever. He’s a man who didn’t get cheated by life and kicked ass just […]

Interview: Carol Schoneberg-Robinson, End of Life Educator at Hospice of Southern Maine

Carol Schoneberg-Robinson is an End of Life Educator and Bereavement Services Manager at Hospice of Southern Maine. She has been in the business of talking with people about death for 23 years. This interview is more uplifting than it is scary. In Schoneberg-Robinson’s words, “I like to tell people that because we talk about death, it […]

Ghostbusters, The Atlantic, paranormal civil liberties, and remembering Harold Ramis

Like many comedy fans—or even anyone with a passing awareness of the past four decades of popular culture—I was saddened to learn of the passing of actor, writer and director Harold Ramis. I love Caddyshack, SCTV, and Groundhog Day, and I was fortunate to be steeped in all of the brilliance he had a hand […]

What mourning for Philip Seymour Hoffman means to me

I mourn for Philip Seymour Hoffman because I found his presence and the totality of his work to be refreshing. I found him to be electrifying. Every time he brought his brilliance to the intense and damaged characters I loved seeing him play, I saw something familiar and I appreciated that. I loved that he […]