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Shift Drinks: Mike Wiley of Hugo’s Restaurant + Eventide Oyster Co.

Mike Wiley is an owner and chef at Hugo’s Restaurant and Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine. He is pictured here with a Campari on the rocks. Shift Drinks is a photo series produced by Knack Factory that features some of our favorite folks in food and hospitality telling us stories about their preferred cocktails and […]

Ghostbusters, The Atlantic, paranormal civil liberties, and remembering Harold Ramis

Like many comedy fans—or even anyone with a passing awareness of the past four decades of popular culture—I was saddened to learn of the passing of actor, writer and director Harold Ramis. I love Caddyshack, SCTV, and Groundhog Day, and I was fortunate to be steeped in all of the brilliance he had a hand […]