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The RNC hired a firm that dabbles in voter registration fraud, for some reason.

As you might remember, the GOP swears up and down that voter fraud is destroying our great nation, and we must take action in order to stop it. They are so upset about this scourge that they are trying to pass laws all over the country, including here in Maine, to make it harder for […]

Regarding the Death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens & Co.

There are a number of things that the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and two embassy staffers brings to my mind, but I am confident that by the time I get to writing about them, much, much smarter people will have eloquently commented on the topic accordingly. Quickly, though: Don’t forget that perpetrating violence in […]

Princess Riot, or: Everything you always wanted to know about princesses (but were afraid to ask)

My three-year-old step-daughter wants to be a princess for Halloween despite her having already gone as one last year. We bluffed, “Okay, but you were a princess already. You can’t be the same thing two years in a row…” (Even though I was a widow’s-peaked blood-sucker like, 400 years in a row when I was […]