Alex Steed

Alex Steed

My name is Alex Steed and I look forward to blogging about politics and Portland for the Bangor Daily News.

On Politics:

As the long-tired Internet joke goes: “Another pundit! Nice. That’s exactly what I was in the market for.” Said no one ever. While I have done so in the past, I assure you that I have no intention to blog exclusively about partisan politics or whatever shenanigans-of-the-moment the LePage Administration is up to. As there are many voices already responsible for reporting on the aforementioned, I am significantly more interested in addressing politics in the abstract: Is it true that we are living in a “post-fact” society? Does Breaking Bad serve as an allegory about hyper-capitalism? Facebook-use has to be making us dumber, right? Why does my daughter’s obsession with princesses scare the Hell out of me?  I will address these issues from an admittedly left perspective, but my mind is open, I am inclusive and it is my intention to bring carrying points of view into the fold along the way.

On Portland:

I will also be writing about lifestyle goings-on in the Greater Portland Area in a fashion similar to how I intend to address politics. This is a fancy way of suggesting that I will be focusing on food, drink, music, art, more drink, and other related odds and ends.  I am someone with a particular interest in why events happen and how they are constructed more than the actual events themselves. The dishwasher’s story about the day-to-day operations of the back of the house is more compelling than the press-friendly grand opening of the restaurant; reportage of a bender with the band can be more revealing than a straight-forward interview. These are some of the ways I intend to construct my perspective in an attempt to avoid recreating the same old.  And in this arena, my biases will be less relevant than they are in my political screeds and explorations, but I will be sure to be up front about them if and when they arise.