Robyn Kanner at Maine Startup and Create Week


I am sorry to have gone off the grid last week, but I was at Maine Startup and Create Week. Of the many great presentations given and insights shared there, my friend Robyn Kanner, co-founder of MyTransHealth, delivered a spectacular keynote conversation on the intersection of design and social change.

You might recall that I’ve talked with Robyn a few times in the past. Here most recently.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that my company sponsored Robyn’s session. That said, we were happy to do so because Robyn is awesome and we knew she’d have incredible ideas and insights to share.

You can see the keynote here.

Here Robyn discusses design in the context of addressing social problems.

Here she discusses the importance of designing objectively.

Finally, she discusses the importance of not putting design on a pedestal.

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