Behind the scenes with Bunny Wonderland’s Haus of Burlesque


Warning: This video is about burlesque and it’s all in great fun, but it features what some might consider partial nudity. As such it might not be safe for work or for people who like to get their hangups about sexuality all over everybody else.

With the help of my production team at Knack Factory, I have reported on Knate Higgins’ ventures (and adventures) here in the past. (Here, for example, is Higgins as Knewton Deadwick touring us through Deadwick’s Magick shop.) The weekend before last, we spent time with Higgins as his drag persona Bunny Wonderland during one of their burlesque showcases at Seacoast Rep in Portsmouth. Lady Luck Burlesque, also of Portsmouth, headlined and they were joined by the Braden Belles of Cape Cod.

I am grateful to everybody involved for welcoming us in, talking with us about their craft and what motivates and inspires them.

Many thanks, also, to Cat Smith, Lindsay Heald, Will Weeks and Chelsea Ellis for helping to produce this video.

Alex Steed

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