Your Ultimate 2015 Maine Holiday Gift Guide (over 200 gifts!)


BEHOLD! The 2015 Maine gift guide!

Using the items and shops represented here, you can find a gift for every single person / style type / price restriction represented by your friends, families and colleagues.


  • Shop using this list exclusively as a means of supporting local craftspeople and businesses.
  • Shop using this list because Maine is awesome and we make awesome things.
  • Shop using this list instead of supporting the owners of box stores because screw shipping our money out to blood-thirsty one percenters. (JK if you’re Jay and Beyoncé. We still love you.)

If you’re new to this list in particular, basically it works like this:

  • There is a photo of a gift we like.
  • There is the price.
  • There is a link to the shop / vendor from where you can order it.
  • You should definitely explore the shops further. The gifts here represent just a small percentage of all of the awesomeness out there.

Honestly, while this list is of my design, my wife Jaime architected this one from start to finish. All hail Jaime.

If you like exchanging money for gifts face to face, there are a ton of craft shows throughout the state. If I missed anything, please feel free to email me at alex [AT] knack-factory [dot] com.

I will be on MPBN Maine Calling at Noon on Monday, November 9th discussing this and other Maine-made awesomeness, so please consider tuning in then.

A quick shout out to PICNIC Holiday Sale, which was the inspiration for my first gift guide a few years back. It’s an amazing event.

And a very quick, hopefully helpful note to vendors: There are about 75 – 100 vendors we had hoped to include that we could not because high resolution photos were either not readily available online or easy to embed. I wrote about this over at Knack Factory.



Unisex Mackerel Crewneck Sweatshirt [$35] by way of Fox Island Printworks

Woodland Tank Top [$28] by way of Pinecone + Chickadee

Dirigo Circle Hoodie [$44] by way of Might & Main’s 1820 Collection

Organic Cotton Double Gauze Scarf [$75] by way of Luksin

Betty Louise Studio Thick Stripe Hat [$55] by way of Daytrip Society

LoveME Tshirt [$25] by way of LiveME

Harry Beast T-shirt [$25] by way of Kris Johnsen

Limited Edition Hoodies [$40 – $50] by way of Katalyst

Board of Maine Women’s Skidder Tee [$25] by way of Board of Maine

Star Wars Knit Chucks [$130] by way of PrettySneaky

Reversible Snap Scarf [$55] by way of Alysia Zoidis Designs


Moon T-Shirt [$28] by way of Pinecone and Chickadee

Lee (shirtdress) [$170] by way of

Handcrafted men’s and women’s shoes [from $275] by way of Quoddy

Men’s Wool Flint Shirt [$195] by way of Rambler’s Way

Maine T-Shirt [$25] by way of Maine Goods


Chorus of Echos Necklace [$595] by Maggie Bokor

Olive Jade Teardrop Earrings [$22] by way of The Last Domino

The Perfect Catch Cuff [$140] by way of Watts in Maine

Recycled Guitar String Necklace [$50] by way of Stringin’ Along with ME

Graffiti Tile Earrings [$29] by way of la Sagato 

Shawl/Hair Pin [$34] by way of Silver and Stone Metalworks

Convex Hammered Circle Earrings [$42] by way of d.a.hall jewelry

Thin Stacking Rings [$10-$30] by way of MetalRoots

Heart Shaped Porcelain Initial Necklace [$15] by way of LaceWoodStone

Sari Silk Bangle Bracelet [$25] by way of WorthyGoods

Pelican Clip Cuff [$135] by way of Cat Bates

Personalized Stacking Name Ring with Birth Date [$38] by way of Kerri Ann Designs

Shackle Ring [$188] by way of Ponomo

Half Way Bracelet [$48] by way of Honey Tribe Jewelry

Drop Hoops [$125] by way of Quench Metalworks

Anger Management Ring [$39-$49] by way of Lofted Designs

Copper Feather Earrings [$40+] by way of Decontie & Brown

Words To Live By Small Bar Necklace [$49-$58] by way of Becoming Jewelry

Photo Brooch [$10] by way of Adventures of Claudia

Sterling Silver Antler Earrings [$24] by way of Autumn Equinox

Sailwinds Rope Bracelet [$36] by way of Sailwinds Trading Co.

Reversible 3 Birds On A Wire Sterling Dome Necklace [$85] by way of c.e. golden

Friendship Round Drop Earring [$35] by way of Akakpo & Co.

Sterling Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings [$38] by way of Walker Silverworks

Glass “Stone” Bracelet [$95] by way of Five Elements Gallery

Pulp Hairpins [$18] by way of Pulp

Bronze Acorn Earrings [$40] by way of Twigs and Heather


Rip-Stop Anchorpak [$89] by way of Anchorpak

Pocket Squares [$13] by way of For The Guys

Passport Holder [$35] by way of Flowfold

Leather Tote Bag  [$300-$375] by way of Weft And Warp

French Stripe Market Tote [$195] by way of Liza Hennessy

Nox Clutch MMXIV [$120] by way of Maine Leather Co.

Periodic Table Braces [$89] by way of Bowtie

Red Buffalo Check Toiletry Bag [$40] by way of Sea Bags

Wine Snowflake Tote [$52] by way of Morris & Essex

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote [$40] by way of L.L. Bean

Knitting Bag [$45-$80] by way of Deb Donnelly Designs

Bait Bag Wallet [$45] by way of Alaina Marie

Oak Tan Rogue Wallet [$45] by way of Rogue Industries

Bowline Company Bowtie [$59] by way of Bowline Co.

Farmers Market Tote [$78] by way of Rough & Tumble

Belt [$125] by way of Jared DeSimio

 Zippie Bag [$26] by way of Trosko

The Mackworth Canvas Tote [$120] by way of Might & Main’s 1820 Collection


Starling House Print [$12] by way of Medusawolf

Maine Bike Chain Print [$20] by way of Brooke Hamilton

Photographs [$30] by way of Kari Herer Photography

BeerDNA Series Molecular Art [$250+] by way of Dash Masland

Ship Inside of Whale [$18] by way of Kris Johnsen

Maine Roots [from $25] by way of Fiber and Water

Tongue American Print [$40] by way of Peet Chamberlain

Album-specific recycled vinyl wall art [$40] by way of Second Spin Vinyl Record Designs

Support Your Local Farmer 16×20 Poster [$34] by way of Hannah Rosengren

Ron Swanson Poster [$20] by Yakawonis Quilling

Bob Dylan Portrait [$35] by way of IDILLARD

Autumn Harbor Archival Print [$18] by way of Swallowfield 

Inspired by the Classic Movies [$3-$33] by way of Dr. Claude’s Emporium

Share of Art [half share / full share $175/$350] by way of Community Sustained Art


Felted Wild Animals [$17] by way of Fibers of Unity

Fairy House Kit [$35] by way of Lisa Gardner Walsh

Bandana Bibs [$13] by way of Aventyr

Football Baby Diaper Cover [$10] by way of Siena’s Maine Design

Nautical Baby Booties [$20] by way of Two Little Beans

Cashmere Baby Blankets [$110] by way of Reverie Textiles

Magical Creature Wings [$35-$50] by way of Tree + Vine

Red Riding Hood Cape [$95] by way of Chrononaut Mercantile

Ghostbusters Light Switch Cover [$13] by way of idillard

Chrocheted Baby Booties [$13-$18] by way of Three Kittens Knitting

Linen Diaper Bag [$135] by way of Maine Bags and Goods

Organic Cotton Maine Loves Baby [$22] by way of Think Greene

Handmade Nautical Bibs [$11] by way of Yarn & Cloth Clothier

Don’t Feed The Bear Tee [$18] by way of Creation Lab

Handcrafted Growth Rulers [$80] by way of Skowhegan Wooden Rule Company

Bunny Ear Teething Ring [$9] by way of Bird and Bear Boutique

Knit Lamb Set [$28] by way of Petunia’s Handmade Creations

Organic 3 Piece Baby Pajama Set [$55] by way of BAOBAB Organics

Natural Teething Necklace [$13] by way of GoBabe

Reversible Bonnet $26 by way of Anabel Fuzz

Eco-finger Paint [$20] by way of eco-kids 

Revenge of the Nerds Onesie [$18] by way of The Wishing Elephant


One-of-a-Kind Pottery [$50-$150] by way of Ayumi Horie

Veggie Plates [$28] by way of Meg k Walsh Ceramics

Beer Tasting Flight Sampling Paddle [$17] by way of JT Woodworks

Pot Holders [$16] by way of Erin Flett

Mason Jar Coozie [$22] by way of Maine Leather Co.

Linen Cafe Apron w/Pocket [$50] by way of Piper Designs

Tea Towel [$24] by way of Lilleputt Studio

Set of 4 Tom Collins Glasses [$38] by way of Maineland Design Co.

Cream and Sugar Set [$24] by way of Neutrino Designs

Crochet Mug Warmer [$15] by way of OftheOtherEarth

Large Heavyweight Linen Cloths [$15] by way of Leighton Point Linen

Whale Tail Wine Bag [$35] by way of Sea Bags

Honey Jar & Twizzler [$42] by way of Maine Potters Market

Cotton Blanket [$227] by way of Brahms Mount

Small Batch Candles [$28] by way of Wary Meyers

Lavender Laundry Soap Powder [$7] by way of Human Nature

Ideal Spatula [$36] by way of Park Woodshop

Ice Cream Scoop [$60] by way of A Touch of Wood

Hakeme Gratin Dish [$35] by way of The Good Supply

Nesting Trays [$16-$20] by way of Jessica Teesdale Pottery

Vegetable Bag [$18] by way of Vejibag

Wool Dryer Balls [$29] by way of LooHoo

Driftwood Docking Station [$120] by way of Docksmith

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack [$43] by way of Gneiss Spice

Recycled Lobster Rope Doormat [$63] by way of Cape Porpoise Trading

Dr. Nat Churall’s Laundry Soap [$15] by way of Chase Street Soap Co.

Maine Balsam Sachets [$14] by way of Leslie Evans Designs

Recycled Loveseat [$580] by way of Lobstah Rockah

Maine Buoy Pillow [$38] by way of Cobalt Sky Studio

Dinosaur Candlesticks [$55] by way of The Vanilla Studio

Hedgehog Nightlight [$42] by way of Happy Owl Glassworks

Concrete Soap Dish Set [$35] by way of Culinarium

Maine Pillow Cover [$25] by way of NikLinDesigns

Candle [$22] by way of Seawicks

Maine Made Wood Bakery Pin [$19] by way of Fletchers’ Mill

Handmade wooden biscuit cutters [$24-$42] by way of Al Mather: Wodturner

Pinback or Magnets [$9] by way of Sleepy Mountan

Reusable Bowl Covers [$25] by way of Anne Riggs Designs

Reusable Snack Bags [$14] by way of Molly Angle

Camera Strap [$29] by way of Kurier

Custom Made Baskets [starting at $250] by way of Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance

Screen Printed Soap Dispensers [$17] by way of Clearstory Glass


Holiday Cards [$5] by way of Parrott Design Studio

Gift Wrap [$8] by way of Foreshadow Press

Rustic Handmade Paper Gift Tags [$9] by way of Papermaker

Menorsaur [$85] by way of The Vanilla Studio

Cards [$4] by way of Ferdinand

Blue n’ Green Seashellglass Ornament [$20] by way of Maine Coast Creations

Christmas Stocking [$40] by way of Christmas Cove Designs

Clay ornaments [$16 – $20] by way of Wild Bell Studio

Festive Recipe Holiday Cards [$18] by way of Three Little Words

Mini Glitter Clothespins & Twine [$6] by way of Running Blynd

Goose Pond Ornaments [$18] by way of Goose Pond

Two Small Fir Trees Beeswax Candles [$11] by way of Sparky’s Honey

Lab Brass Ornament [$18] by way of Willy Wires

Holiday Wreaths [$40] by way of Maine Holiday Wreaths

Vintage Paper Glass Ball Holiday Ornament [$7] by way of Reverie Creations


All Natural Soap [$4] by way of Maine Mountain Soap & Candle Co.

Gardener Gift Set [$12] by way of Dr. Dandelion

Fox Tail Grooming [$12] by way of Portland Trading Co.

Rose Oil [$24] by way of Blessed Maine Herb Farm

Alpine Shave Jelly [$16] by way of Portland General Store

Peppermint Foot Lotion [$20] by way of Moonshine Herbals

Balsam Bliss Body Lotion [$12] by way of Frenchies’ Natural Products

Honey Almond Lip Balm [$4] by way of Long Winter Farm

Sugar Scrub [$8] by way of Blissfully Simple 

Miracle Hand Salve [$14] by way of Minka Home

Liquid Hand & Body Soap [$8] by way of Steeplebush Farm Herbs

Cucumber Face Lotion [$18] by way of Coast of Eden


Maple Candy [$11] by way of Spring Break Maple & Honey

Tea Mixer [$9] by way of Finest Kind Tea

Thai Sauces [$10] by way of Watcharee

Holiday Gift Box [$23] by way of Bixby Co.

American White Sturgeon Caviar [starting at $50] by way of Browne Trading Company

Coastal Root Bitters [$15-$20] by way of Coastal Root Bitters

12 Cupcakes [$28] by way of East End Cupcakes

Chai Tea [$14] by way of Herbal Revolution

Triple Pack [$17] by way of Raye’s Mustard

Good Coffee [$8] by way of 44 North Coffee

 Chocolate Lava Cake [$5] by way of Jarva Cakes

Sea Salt Gift Sampler [$45] by way of Maine Sea Salt

Flavored Popcorn [$12] by way of Coastal Maine Popcorn

Three Sauce BBQ Gift Pack [$33] by way of Captain Mowatt’s

Maine Potato Donuts [$22/assorted dozen] by way of The Holy Donut

Gift basket [$34] by way of Maine’s Pantry

Tandem Coffee [$16-$20] by way of Tandem Coffee Roasters 

Pasta Sauce [$8] by way of Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen

Allagash large format bottles [$10 and up] by way of these locations

Infustion Kits [$9] by way of Vena’s Fizz House


Answers to Questions Nobody was Askin’ [$23] by way of Tim Sample

BeerMe Collapsible Koozie (4-Pack) [$12] by way of LiveMe

How to Cook a Moose [$25] by way of Island Port Press

Paw Protector [$9] by way of Rooted Earth Farm


2016 Sunrise Guide [$20] by way of Sunrise Guide

Dog Collars [$30-$40] by way of Classic Hound Collar Co.

Sketchbook [$28] by way of Purplebean Bindery

All natural dog treats [$11] by way of Old Dog Cookie

2016 Farmers’ Almanac [$7] by way of the Farmers Almanac Store

Miss Rumphius [$17] by way of Sherman’s

Chevron Wood Journal [$65] by way of Boarding School Craft

Uneven Floors [$10] by way of Lyle Divinsky

Lights Along the River [$10] by way of The Mallett Brothers Band

City Fish, Country Fish [$17] by way of Tilbury House

Pet Tag [$12] by way of Lofted Designs

Cat Mats [$30] by way of TheShopAtBagEnd

Armies [$12] by way of Bullmoose

Blueberries For Sal [$18] by way of Longfellow Books 

Aphorisms, Bumper Stickers, Truths and Rhymes album by
Samuel James [$10] by way of Samuel James

Spose albums [$10] by way of Bull Moose

Card Game [$30] by way of PBL Robots

Pheonix [$10] by way of Bullmoose

Stripes and Spots [$18] by way of Portland Museum of Art / Islandport Press


Bicycle Trap Basket [$50-$70] by way of Kettle Cove Enterprises

STABILicers Hike Cleats [$30] by way of STABIL

Adventure Tripod [$99] by way of Pakpod

The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer [$20] by way of Delorme

Clipper Bluebird Home [$45] by way of Byer of Maine

Hand Tied Fishing Lures [$3] by way of Benton Fly Box 

Jack Traps Trout Trap [$43] by way of Jack Traps


Restaurant Gift Certificate by way of Portland Food Map

Maine State Ballet: The Nutcracker [$20-$60] by way of Port Tix

Spa Facial [$80] by way of Marika Alisha Skin Care

Maine Beer Tours Gift Certificate [$60] by way of Maine Beer Tours 

Buoy Local Gift Card [various denominations] by way of Buoy Local

Brewery Tours [$20-$75] by way of Maine Brew Bus


4 customized facials [$95] by way of Plum Aesthetics

Hot Towel Massage [$95] by way of Nine Stones Spa

Spa Manicure [$40] by way of Rheal Day Spa

Gift Certificate [variable] by way of Gathering of Stitches

Gift Certificate [various] by way of MOFGA


Make-a-Wish Maine

Maine Initiatives

Maine Inside Out

Treehouse Institute

Maine Roller Derby 

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Maine Youth Rock Leadership

Friends of Casco Bay

WMPG/Blunt Youth Radio

Maine Youth Leadership


Alex Steed

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Alex Steed has written about and engaged in politics since he was an insufferable teenager. He has run for the Statehouse and produced a successful web series. He now runs a content firm called Knack Factory with two guys who are a lot more talented than himself.