25 Vintage Maine Video Clips


Featuring but not limited to:- LL Cool J at Colby in 1985

  • ACT UP acting up
  • Reenactment of a fatal clown heart attack
  • Reenactment of boy getting tongue stuck in a canteen
  • Mustachioed Karate students
  • Late 80s teen bodybuilding competition
  • Fingers in the Oakhurst cream cheese
  • Tim Sample being awesome
  • Introspective Rob Caldwell

… and more.

Also, it seems that by embedding videos here, BDN has put an ad on the front end each of these videos. Sorry to waste 15-to-30 seconds of your time per video, but I promise that every video is worth it.

1984 Oakhurst cream cheese commercial

[Via MaineTVClips]

1992 WCSH NewsCenter 6 open

[Via MrTMaroon]

1988 NPC Maine State Bodybuilding Championships (Teen Division)

[via Maine Health & Fitness Weekend]

1993 Union, Maine boy gets his tongue stuck in a canteen segment of Rescue 911

[via allgood2000]

November, 1982 News 13 broadcast on WGAN-TV featuring town names!

[via MaineTVClips]

1978 WGAN-TV promo for meterologist Bob O’Wril

[via MaineTVClips]

1986 Bangor Mall Christmas commercial

[via Maine Man]

1970s clip featuring Lew Colby introducing meterologist Paul Cousins to WCSH-TV

[via MaineTVClips]

1991 ACT UP led Kennebunkport action targeting President George H.W. Bush


1977 opening of WCSH’s NewsCenter 6 

[via MaineTVClips]

1994 Portland clown suffers heart attack clip from Rescue 911

[via allgood2000]

1984 WCSH clip featuring a jaunty Rob Caldwell

[via MaineTVClips]

Early 80s footage of Parade in Downtown Bangor

[via Cathyrimcoski]

1992 WCSH PSAs, bumpers and other promos

[via CESkootchy]

1985 footage of LL Cool J and DJ Cut Creator performing at Colby

[via Kodiak Starr]

Bruce Glasier discusses  making fun of the Red Sox


Mid-80s documentation of the start of Jolly John’s 3 decade manic episode


1991ish Rob Caldwell dead air goof

[via CESkootchy]

Mid-90s segment featuring the late Bob Elliot (one of my heroes)

[via WMTW TV]

1988 + 1990 video exploration of Camden, Maine (featuring the late Matt Boyd)

[via chankfloyd]

1984 Hank Stence Sr. video tour of Lubec, featuring the line “Right here in this spot is where I had that old fendah bendah.”

[via Lubec Maine]

1985 Tim Sample performance at the Portland Performing Arts Center

[via Tim Sample Channel]

1986 Nissen Bread commercial


1986 Merrill Farms commercial

[via Maine Man]

1987 Maine Karate Association gold

[via Reginald Groff]


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