Arshad is not an “anchor baby”


My friend Arshad Hasan, a first-generation American citizen, wrote the following earlier today and I felt compelled to share:

One of my early memories as a child was that of my mother getting citizenship status. I must have been really young, too young to know what was going on. But I vaguely remember what must have been a courthouse, and coming home with a little American flag, and feeling really proud. But mostly, that flag. I freaking loved it.

But, I guess all that makes me an “anchor baby.”

I DARE you to tell me that I don’t belong in this country.

And I challenge you to confront people in your life and on your feed when you hear people use the term, ‘anchor baby.’ Remember, this isn’t about ‘being PC’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean), this is about actual people, and making declarations of who belongs here or not.

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Alex Steed

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