37 Instagram pictures that show Memorial Day Weekend has brought Summer to Maine

When I was a kid, Memorial Day Weekend was the one that unofficially brought with it Summer. I was a Cub Scout when I was in elementary school and my Pack would adorn our Huffys with crepe paper streamers and ride in the local Memorial Day parade. After it’s arrival, every school day felt like a technicalityand Summer Vacation seemed as though it were in sight. Until, of course, I got to high school and anxieties about finals killed that youthful buzz.

Despite its somber originsit’s a day set aside for remembering people who died while serving in the armed forcesit is often the first weekend that gives the feeling that Summer is officially upon us. As such, I offer the following without trivializing the holiday. It is meant to be a day on which to reflect upon sacrifice. Every year you hear at least one person awkwardly trip over “Happy Memorial Day,” realizing midway through delivery that this is not an appropriate salutation. Memorial Day is about more than cookouts, ice cream, and salesit is a heavy concept—and it is somewhat awkwardly and ironically contrasted against the joy that accompanies the arrival of Summer.

And Maine-based Instagram accounts reflected the open arms with which we have welcomed this emergence. Pictures posted over the past 48 hours appear to illustrate the joy that Winter is beyond us and Summer is here. In somewhat typical New England fashion, it will soon be time to begin complaining about the heat rather than the cold.

We absorbed rays.

[via jesssmk]

We cheered indiscriminately. Or stretched? Or tried to catch a baseball? Or did the wave?

[via scottjess82]

We marveled at Munjoy Hill’s phallic skyline.

[via prjune]

We got matching tattoos.

[via lyd207]

We [adorably] went to the prom!

[via denchsce]

We laid about.

[via scottddolan]

We got soaked.

[via tesscarragher]

We honored Maine’s state berry while taking the edge off.

[via abarks99]

We took selfies on the water.

[via raecaldas]

We took selfies after piloting a plane.

[via johnde1eon]

We took selfies on the beach.

[via kinsi21]

We posed on the beach.

[via kateheartsme]

We proposed on the beach.

[via mikey_scraps]

We searched for the perfect book.

[via rdbroph]

We ate donuts.

[via jaykaybee84]

We floated upon donuts.

[via hadenkkenneth]

We floated upon coozies.

[via kyleeoso]

We danced. [via bill__x]

We endeavored on the water.

[via shiloh.sunshine]

We threw our friends into the water.

[via kheese9]

We looked longingly at the water.

[via wyliebedard15]

We finally got that run in.

[via 50milestogo]

We got the tractor out.

[via 50milestogo]

We fed the chickens.

[via daniliz]

We cut some wood.

[via squealingdog]

We wrote by a shed that almost looks like a set out of Murder She Wrote.

[via krisleonard]

We caught fish.

[via chris_geissler]

We failed to catch fish.

[via ndy3r]

We fried fish.

[via thedomesticatedwolf]

We ate pie.

[via passionatelynicole]

We took photos.

[via cmiliff]

We arrived at islands.

[via wasklewicz]

We ate ice cream.

[via morgannnjohnson]

We sat with friends and family by the fire.

[via mrichards22]

We rode Ferris wheels.

[via jesssmk]

We saw music.

[via holly_loohoo]

We watched the stars.

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