Gillian Anderson’s breastfeeding hallucination made me laugh until I looked crazy


Gillian Anderson (Hannibal, The Fall) was on Nerdist this week and beyond hinting at some sort of revival of X-Files (#xfiles2015) and being all sorts of smart and charming, she told a story about nearly being driven mad by her engorged [postpartum] breasts while on the set of the original series that made me laugh out loud for two straight minutes while running on the treadmill.

Warning: Language

10 days after a c-section I was back on set… Because I was breastfeeding and lying down in the hospital bed [in these episodes], my tits were so big… You couldn’t see my face past my boobs. There was the day while I was still breastfeeding where there was the episode where it was a dream sequence and Scully is out on a boat. They were doing a crane shot that was out there for the longest time. My breasts started to get engorged because it was time to fucking breastfeed and I was so in pain and I kept on having these visions of feeding the entire crew on the banks on the riverjust squeezing the breast and the crew standing there with their mouths open. That’s where my brain was going. Get me the fuck off this rowboat.

I digress.

I looked like I was losing my mind.

Alex Steed

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