15 Instagram photos that show how Mainers celebrated the arrival of 2015


On the eve of the year 2000—the New Year’s Eve everyone thought would usher in one catastrophe or another—I spent the night with a bunch of friends from Westbrook High School. We synched Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon and awaited the impending doom of Y2K, which never came. It feels like it was yesterday.

15 years have passed and like most who still remember being young enough to party all night and have trouble coming to terms with those days having slipped through my fingers, I brought the New Year in by watching Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion through my tears three times in a row. Fortunately for Maine, others chose different routes. Here, using the lens of Maine Instragram feeds and related tags, is a look at how the rest of the state brought in and celebrated the arrival of 2015.

Some Mainers drove around and contemplated the year that passed and the one that is before us. [via country_sweetheart5493]

Others rested in preparation for the festivities. [via jchristie7]


This man rid himself of his Pagan decorative greenery Christmas tree. [via ajschirling]

These kids crushed it on the ice. [via mainelymama]

These sheep endured the weather. [via ninafuller]

This young lady donned the coolest tights in the state. [via foreverywhere]

And this one enthusiastically sported festive wear. [via darthbrookz]

These folks… I can’t be sure what—exactly—is going on here. [via babygfunkmonkey]

This woman was definitely drunk. I mean, I can’t say that for certain. Maybe this is how she always looks? Either way, it looks like she had an awesome time and I hope she was able to sleep in this morning. [via iamking26]

This woman… I don’t know… Drunk again? [via chriskorzen]

Per ushe, Bob Marley did stand up. [via spiritedcook]

Some brought in the New Year with a… sheep? A sparkle sheep. Some brought in the New Year with a sparkle sheep. [via ayumihorie]

Others were up in time to see the sunrise. [via wjordan1975]

And this woman and her hair made it up in time for breakfast. [via mcray89]

While others checked in on growth, emotional, physical, and otherwise. [via spenceralbee]


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