17 Instagram photos that show how Mainers celebrated the holidays

As I have been known to do around special events and holidays, I flipped through Maine-related hashtags (#maine, #mainelife, #207 and #portlandmaine just to name a few) on Instagram to see how my fellow Mainers celebrated the past week and a half of holiday festivities.

SIDE NOTE: In doing so, I learned that there is a woman from Maine named Renee Cole who appears to be very well known for marketing herself as a person who looks a lot like Lady Gaga. Who knew? (You did, probably.)

So here is what it appears Mainers got up to to celebrate the holidays, as illustrated by Instagram.

WARNING: If you think that butts displayed in a totally non-sexual fashion are offensive, go no further. Because there are butts displayed in a totally non-sexual fashion below. It’s just butts, people. This is the 21st Century. Get over your butt hangups already. There is a LOT of cuteness too! Dogs! Babies! Dogs and babies! Don’t miss the cuteness just because you’re weird around butts.


We came home. [via laceup69]

We got tattooed. [via myleskimball]

Some of us were visited upon by this guy. [via tandemcoffeeroasters]

Some of us spent time with this guy. [via therichbrooks]

We marveled at the lights. [via whitelilyvintage]


We expressed our excitement. [via elisedouglas]

We reluctantly posed for family photos. [via Jennifervagios]

We waited patiently. [via venitiangirl]

We were snowed upon. [via dawn.xoxo]

We stomped through that snow. [via britstagram_pnw]

We spent time with each other. [via smoothandkodien]

We posed with records recorded by the people we pretend to be for a living. [via ladydoppelgaga]

We fished naked, I guess. [via adamdanielson2]

We got a little drunk. [via danbob1987]

We were reunited. [via jlibby07]


We loved. [via jlyurges]

We were loved. [via arieljademermaid]

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