Maine, Thankfully: A series about folks for whom we should be thankful


Today I launch the first installment in Maine, Thankfully, a series about folks who are making things better for their communities and for our state at large. A new profile will run every week day between now and Christmas with each profile examining a variety of approaches to doing good.

Profiles will examine those contributing to their communities in a variety of different, beneficial ways. I will talk with professionals, activists, advocates, educators, leaders, and policy makers. This range of “good work” is broad, and will span to include those combating hunger and offering services to homeless populations to those advocating for the arts, education and tolerance.

I tend to be very critical and this blog capitalizes on that tone. As we enter the holiday season, I wanted to take a break from that approach and to remind myself that there is a plenitude of good work and people for whom we should all be thankful. I want to use this series to both illustrate the variety of needs that exist within our communities, and remind that while it often feels otherwise, we as individuals can make an extraordinary impact. At the end of every profile, readers can learn about how they can help.

On a heartening note, by the the end of the series I will have run about 25 profiles, all of which will have been selected from well over 100 reader nominations. While it is often easy to find things to complain and be critical about, it is wonderful to know that there are so many in this state working to make it a better place.

Finally, I will be discussing the series on Maine Calling this afternoon.

Alex Steed

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