Ultimate 2014 Maine Holiday Gift Guide: Over 150 Maine Gifts


BEHOLD! The 2014 Maine gift guide!

Here is a list of holiday gifts made by folks from Maine and/or have some sort of connection to the state. Be careful, as this guide is so hot it will likely melt your face right off of that pretty head of yours. Holiday gift season doesn’t have to be a commercial nightmare, and it doesn’t have to be all about losing your mind to malls and soulless box stores. Here are over 150 items that you can buy online (and in recommend retail locations), all of which are made, sourced, and/or manufactured here in Maine. In using this guide, you keep all of your money right here in the state. Boom. Save your insanity and invest locally.

It was shocking the difference this year in putting together the gift guide between last year and the year before that. Etsy especially has upped its game. The shops were polished and well organized. The quality is fantastic. The sales platform is no longer simply the alternative to Ebay and really has set itself up as a cost effective way for independent craftswomen and craftsmen to have a storefront. Finding Maine made options online and in stores are no longer as frustrating as they used to be. The local craftsperson representation there is most definitely growing and this list could have been 500 items long.

This guide features a lot of great guest recommendations from artists, musicians and other creative types. I also owe a great deal of thanks to my wife Jaime Steed, who spent hours helping to put this together.

I will be on MPBN Maine Calling at Noon on Friday, November 7th discussing this and other Maine-made awesomeness, so please consider tuning in then. That show will be broadcast live from an MPBN-organized craft fair at SPACE Gallery and admission will be free. The station is offering an attendance incentive that could not be any more public radio if they tried. The first 100 MPBN members who stop by the network’s table at the event will be given a free, limited-edition Maine Calling custom tote bag.

Oh! And a quick shout out to PICNIC Holiday Sale, which was the inspiration for my first gift guide a few years back. It’s an amazing event.


  • The prices on the list are all over the board, and not necessarily representative (on the high and low ends) of what’s available at the linked shop. If you like what you see but it is out of your price range, consider checking out what else that shop has available.
  • The ETSY shops are legit, don’t be afraid to shop. Take into consideration the feedback and reach out to the vendor before you buy if you have any questions or concerns, especially about size.
  • Gold is back with a vengeance.
  • Don’t be afraid to give gift cards to local shops or services. Within these still uncertain economic times, giving a gift certificate is no longer considered a lazy gift.
  • Replace your e-cards with screen printed cards from local print shops.
  • Scarves for women and local brews/bbq sauces for men are still a safe bet if all else fails (or the other way around… eff gender pigeonholing… unless he REALLY likes beer and BBQ sauce). Giving a Christmas ornament as a gift is also a safe bet.
  • Embrace art. Prints and buttons are easy to match up with your family and friends’ personality and interests.
  • Look in places that you haven’t looked before. Farms, Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs, antique shops, local CSA’s.

A note to shop owners: Perhaps it is because I see this from the perspective of a guy who runs a company that specializes in product photography, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some photography. This list has become somewhat popular over the past few years, and I was sad to have to omit more than a few handful of amazing products because clear, attractive photos weren’t available, watermarks made them unbecoming, or nice photos were displayed but locked away from public use.

FINALLY: If you have arrived here by way of the popularity of this list, welcome. I am a writer based in Cornish, Maine. Recently, I wrote about mourning, growing up in rural Maine, and fond memories of LaVerdiere’s Halloweens.

And now without further ado


Tencel Gauze Scarf [$55] by way of Luksin

Maine Hoodie [$50] by way of ByBethany

Betty Louise Studio Thick Stripe Hat [$55] by way of Daytrip Society

RunME Tshirt [$25] by way of LiveME

Axe T-shirt [$25] by way of Kris Johnsen

Limited Edition Hoodies [$40 – $50] by way of Katalyst

Board of Maine Logo Tee [$25] by way of Board of Maine

Robot Knit Chucks [$120] by way of PrettySneaky

Iconic Maine T-Shirt [$28] by way of Pinecone and Chickadee

Alpaca Gloves [$24] by way of Fibers of Unity

Charley (long shirt with front placket and princess seams) [$160] by way of http://www.jillmcgowan.com

Handcrafted men’s shoes [from $275] by way of Quoddy

Turquoise Pendleton Little Trapper Hat [$46] by way of WorthyGoods

Women’s Wool Long Jane [$125] by way of Rambler’s Way

Maine T-Shirt [$25] by way of Unapproved Threads


Embellished Peyote Stitch Bracelet [$65] by way of The Last Domino

Signet Drop Necklace [$75] by way of Cat Bates

Personalized Sterling Silver Stacking Name Bangle [$45] by way of Kerri Ann Designs

Sterling silver cuff bracelet [$239] by way of Quench Metalworks

Sterling Silver Running Necklace [$32] by way of Lofted Designs

Custom Small Tag Necklace [$46] by way of Becoming Jewelry

Photo Pendant Necklace of an Antique Porcelain Doll Named Claudia Wearing A Pink Bonnet [$16] by way of Adventures of Claudia

Sterling Silver Antler Earrings [$24] by way of Autumn Equinox

Sailwinds Nautical Bracelet [$36] by way of Sailwinds Trading Co.

Sterling Silver Flock Ring [$260] by way of c.e. golden

Ese Ne Tekrema Round Earring [$35] by way of Akakpo & Co.

Pearl Studs [$13] by way of dutchperl

Sterling Silver Geometric Post Earrings [$45] by way of Walker Silverworks

Starfish Necklace [$110] by way of Maggie Bokor Jewelry

Bell Earrings [$85] by way of Barbarian Enterprises

Sweet Pea Necklace [$40] by way of Five Elements Gallery

Peach Chrysanthemum Earrings [$12] by way of Pulp

Bronze Anchor Earrings [$50] by way of Twigs and Heather


Canvas Tote Bags [$67] by way of Maine Bags and Goods

Pocket Squares [$13] by way of For The Guys

Orchard Belt [$9] by way of Shop Apparel

Hand Stitched Travel Wallet with “Field Notes” notebook [$125] by way of Weft And Warp (November 6 is the last day for guarantees on holiday orders)

French Stripe Market Tote [$195] by way of Liza Hennessy

The Chapman Card Wallet [$45] by way of Maine Leather Co.

Convert your favorite necktie to a bowtie [$49] by way of Bowtie


Anchor Shave Kit [$40] by way of Sea Bags

Deco Floral Tote [$42] by way of Morris & Essex

Make up bags [$18] by way of Fox i Printworks

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote [$40] by way of L.L. Bean


Bait Bag Clutch [$60] by way of Alaina Marie

Full Grain iPad Case [$50] by way of Rogue Industries

Bee Anatomy Flask [$24] by way of Mad To Live Creations

Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Kanye West magnet set [$22] by way of Exit 232 Designs

Bowline Company Bowtie [$59] by way of Bowline Co.

Owl Belt Buckle [$27] by way of Chrononaut Mercantile

Tote [$88] by way of Rough & Tumble

Lighter cover made from baseball glove and copper [$50] by way of Jared DeSimio

Guest Recommendation: “Jared DeSimio is a maker of bags and accessories that are steeped in history. Using vintage, antique, salvaged and upcycled materials, Jared creates functional men’s and women’s accessories that live on to tell the next story and create the next memory.

“Jared domestically sources everything that is not salvaged. Jared will also utilize materials provided by customers to create customized products that honor the personal memories and storylines of the past.
“Personally, I think Jared’s ability to make one of a king custom pieces for you is what sets him apart. He has encased a World War II era dog tag for me in leather last year, and I also own one of his bags made of a pair of 80’s style jeans and an old Portland parking meter case.”
— Kyle Poissonnier, Owner of Katalyst



It Hurts to be Dead Print [$15] by way of Medusawolf

Chickadee and Winter Berry Branch Tea Towel [$24] by way of Lilleputt Studio

Portland Map [$55] by way of Fiber and Water

Album-specific recycled vinyl wall art [$40] by way of Second Spin Vinyl Record Designs

Plant These to Help Save Bees Poster [$36] by way of Hannah Rosengren

Famous Scientists of the 19th century Poster set Charles Darwin, Marie Curie and Edward Jenner, Scientist poster set, science illustration [$17] by Yakawonis Quilling

Johnny Cash portrait [$35] by way of IDILLARD

There’s a Storm Coming print [$40] by way of Swallowfield 

The LION QUEEN Circus from 1874 [$16] by way of Dr. Claude’s Emporium

Share of Art [half share / full share $175/$350] by way of Community Sustained Art

Guest Recommendation: “Not many people think of the PMA store inside the Portland Museum of Art as buying local, but I think if they check it out—no admission is necessary—they’ll be surprised by the range of quality gifts that are either made locally or inspired by local artists, and 100% of the money they spend goes to supporting the museum’s operating costs and educational programming (disclaimer: I do work at the PMA, but not in the store). Last year I bought my in-laws their puzzle inspired by Dahlov Ipcar’s Blue Savanna [Islandport Press] and they loved it—I think savvy children would, too. I also love their product by Black Point Mercantile, which is rugged and handsome in that Maine sort of way, and the Ponomo jewelry by Hannah Tarkinson. Hannah is just exceptionally gifted; I’ve had a leather bracelet by her for years and still wear it often.

The most recent locally made product that I bought was a print by Eric Hou for the nursery of our baby-to-be (above). Hou made this series of prints that feature cartoony koala bears, and tell a story that is somehow related to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s really cool, and the whole series is available at Pinecone & Chickadee.”

— Bob Ker, Portland Museum of Art and Co-Owner of Find


Beige mix cotton baby booties [$16] by way of Siena’s Maine Design

Bunny Ear Teething Ring [$8] by way of Bird and Bear Boutique

Wool Knit Teardrop Beanie [$18] by way of Petunia’s Handmade Creations

Organic Baby Pajama Set: Sack and Cup

Organic Baby Pajama Set: Sack and Cup [$46] by way of BAOBAB Organics

Adjustable Baby Sling [$45] by way of GoBabe

Reversible bonnet $25 by way of Anabel Fuzz

Eco-dough [$20] by way of eco-kids 

Twin Baby Clothes Cheeseburger and French Fries Onesie [$26] by way of The Wishing Elephant



Set of 4 Drinking Glasses [$39] by way of Erin Flett

Gift wrap [$10] by way of Foreshadow Press

Lavender Laundry Soap Powder [$6] by way of Human Nature

White Pine Firestarters [$20] by way of Pinecone Firestarters

Wooden spoon [$32] by way of Park Woodshop

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack [$43] by way of Gneiss Spice

Striped Maine Pillow [$45] by way of Designs By Sarge

Recycled Lobster Rope Doormat [$53] by way of Cape Porpoise Trading

Recycled Loveseat [$360] by way of Lobstah Rockah

Apple Bowl [$60] by way of Kim’s Turning Corner

Maine Buoy Pillow [$42] by way of Cobalt Sky Studio

Merino Wool Yarn [$18] by way of On the Round

Set of Notecards [$10] by way of Rock Paper Pigeon

Menorsaur [$85] by way of The Vanilla Studio

Cute Owl Nightlight [$42] by way of Happy Owl Glassworks

Concrete Soap Dish Set [$35] by way of Culinarium

Candle [$19] by way of Seawicks

Maine Made Wood Bakery Pin [$19] by way of Fletchers’ Mill

Handmade wooden biscuit cutters [$22] by way of Al Mather: Wodturner

Pinback or Magnets [$9] by way of Sleepy Mountan

Reusable “Paper” Towels [$50] by way of Anne Riggs Designs

Reusable Snack Bags [$7] by way of Molly Angle

Letterpress Neon Coasters [$8] by way of Wishbone Letterpress

Cloth Napkins [$18] by way of Nestleberry

License plate key chain [$6] by way of ScrapMetalMags

Leather mason jar mug/sleeve [$27] by way of Kurier

Guest Recommendation: “As a left-wing tea addict I struggle with the shame of needing an extra paper cup sleeve to shield my wimpy hands from the scalding temperatures of my to-go bevies. So when I realized the leather mug sleeves from Kurier protects my delicate writer’s hands and is environmentally friendly, I bought one in every color.

“They somehow make an adult sippy cup look sophisticated; and for that I eternally inspired.”

— Emily Straubel (Coach and Writer) Website | Facebook | Instagram

Weft & Warp Seamster Chef’s Apron [$85] by way of Portland Trading Co.

Guest Recommendation: “Erik Desjarlais at Weft and Warp Seamster makes good aprons and what not. Holiday gift giving is definitely not my strong suit, I am much more well known for my capacity to receive.”

Joe Ricchio, Master of Ceremonies

Birch Bark Vase [$40] by way of Pottery by Celia

Guest Recommendation: “I first encountered Pottery By Celia four or five years ago at the Fryeburg Fair where a woman — Celia, I presume — had set up her booth in one of the large ‘EXPO’ barns. My wife and I bought two mugs, used the hell out of them all year, and came back the following October to buy more mugs from Celia – specifically the amazing oversized birchbark ones. She also makes plates, bowls, candle holders, etc. They’re mostly priced in the $20 – $40 range so they make great gifts and also have a homemade, rustic Maine quality to them that feels like Maine. I’ve probably drank an ocean’s worth of coffee out of mine over the past few years. Wish I had one right now as I type this from Houston, Texas.

Spose, Rapper


Christmas Ornaments [$14] by way of Gail Miller Designs

Menorsaur [$85] by way of The Vanilla Studio

Blue n’ Green Seashellglass Ornament [$20] by way of Maine Coast Creations

Green Classic Snowflake Christmas Stocking [$40] by way of Christmas Cove Designs

Clay ornaments [$16 – $20] by way of Wild Bell Studio

Mini Glitter Clothespin Advent Calendar [$20] by way of Running Blynd

Goose Pond Ornaments [$18] by way of Goose Pond

ah22 - apple harvest 22in wreath - sm image

Holiday Wreaths [$49] by way of Worcester Wreath

Vintage Paper Glass Ball Holiday Ornament [$7] by way of Reverie Creations


Fox Tail Grooming [$12] by way of Portland Trading Co.

WOOD Super Thick Hand Cream [$14] by way of Portland General Store

Arco Facial Scrub [$24] by way of 2 Note Botanical Perfumery

Balsam Bar Soap [$4] by way of Frenchies’ Natural Products

Maple Almond Lip Balm [$4] by way of Long Winter Farm

Grapefruit Exfoliating Sugar Scrub [$8] by way of Blissfully Simple 

All natural body care [$18-$32] by way of Minka Home

Shea Butter Hand Cream [$12] by way of Coast of Eden

Lavender Mint Tea Bath Soak [$10] by way of Long Winter Farm


Glowing Skin Trio (Facial Grains, Toner, Moisturizer) [$40] by way of Herbal Grace Creations


Holiday Gift Box [$23] by way of Bixby Co.

12 Cupcakes [$28] by way of East End Cupcakes

Tea [$8] by way of Herbal Revolution

Down East Gift Box [$36] by way of Raye’s Mustard

Make your own Maine Beer Company 4 pack [$25] by way of most beverage stores

Good Coffee [$11] by way of 44 North Coffee

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Lava Cake [$5] by way of Jarva Cakes


12oz 4-packs of Rising Tide [$9-12] by way of the Rising Tide tasting room and most beverage stores

Note: Stasia from Rising Tide wrote in to remind that the company also has limited release cork and caged 370ml bottles. “Right now we have Polaris available and on Black Friday we’ll be releasing Hesperus in that format. These beers are typically $8 a bottle.”

Sea Salt Gift Sampler [$45] by way of Maine Sea Salt

Flavored Popcorn [$12] by way of Coastal Maine Popcornimage002

Four Sauce Gift Crate [$38] by way of Captain Mowatt’s

Gift basket [$34] by way of Maine’s Pantry

Holiday Three Pack of Flavored Simple Syrups [$30] by way of Royal Rose Syrups

Gunpowder Rye Whiskey [various] by way of these locations

Bloody Oyster Bar Mix
[$10] by way of WaldoStone Farm

Time & Temp Espresso [$10-$18] by way of Tandem Coffee Roasters 

Bloody Maria Mixer [$30] by way of Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen

Allagash large format bottles [$10 and up] by way of these locations

Blueberry Smash, Moonshine in a Mason Jar, Infusion Kit, DIY Just Add Gin or Vodka [$10] by way of Vena’s Fizz House

Guest Recommendation: “I always enjoy giving friends and family the ingredients for a quality cocktail to enjoy at meals and gatherings during the holiday season. Using Blueshine from Maine Craft Distilling and ingredients from Vena’s Fizz House, the Bluehattan is Maine in a cocktail. If you want to include muddlers, shakers, look into Portland Trading Co. where you can also find an incredible array of specialty handmade items from around Maine and the world. They are all worth the visit.”

— Kevin Oates, Executive Director + Founder of Maine Youth Rock Orchestra


One of a kind journal [$28] by way of Purplebean Bindery


$4,000 in Coupons [print or mobile $20/$15] by way of SunriseGuide

All natural dog treats [$11] by way of Old Dog Cookie

Miss Rumphius [$17] by way of Sherman’s

Anna Lombard CD [$10] by way of Bull Moose

Cherry wood journal [$65] by way of Boarding School Craft

Pet Tag [$12] by way of Lofted Designs

Damnationland DVD [$20] by way of Damnationland

Blueberries For Sal [$18] by way of Longfellow Books 

Custom Dog Bed [$130] by way of Dofähn

Aphorisms, Bumper Stickers, Truths and Rhymes album by
Samuel James [$10] by way of Samuel James

Spose albums [$10] by way of Bull Moose

Stripes and Spots [$18] by way of Portland Museum of Art / Islandport Press

Guest Recommendation: “There is so much great locally made jewelry available in Portland. One of my favorites is Cat Bates, who casts nautical and organic inspired pieces in bronze. His work looks amazing on men and women. Plus he is super-nice! I also love Saemo and Bast jewelry, which are available at several local shops (including Find ). For kids and babies I love the adorable tees and onesies designed and made by my friends Amy and Noah at Pinecone and Chickadee. My other go-to kid present is books by Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar [Islandport Press]. Her books are available at Longfellow Books and the Portland Museum of Art store. Also, if anyone wants to get me a present please make it a gift certificate to Judith! It’s my favorite new shop. The owner and buyer, Brooke Beaney, has impeccable taste and I literally want to buy everything she stocks!”

— Laura Ker, Co-Owner of Find


Hand Tied Fishing Lures [$3] by way of Benton Fly Box 

Jack Traps Jig Stick & Sleeve [$26] by way of Jack Traps


Restaurant Gift Certificate by way of Portland Food Map

Maine State Ballet: The Nutcracker [$20-$60] by way of Port Tix

Spa Facial [$80] by way of Marika Alisha Skin Care



Cooking classes with the owners of Piccolo [$85] by way of Rosemont Productions

Maine Beer Tours Gift Certificate [$60] by way of Maine Beer Tours 

Buoy Local Gift Card [various denominations] by way of Buoy Local

Suds + Spirits Tour [$45] by way of Maine Brew Bus

Hot Towel Massage [$95] by way of Nine Stones Spa

Spa Manicure [$40] by way of Rheal Day Spa

Gift Certificate [variable] by way of Gathering of Stitches

Guest Recommendation: “So I rarely buy gifts, I usually make them. And I usually don’t give gifts because its a holiday season, but because I see something a person would love. I don’t understand our constant need to buy crap because we are told to do so for a holiday. But if I were to buy something it would be from fellow artists, so I would recommend hitting the MECA sale or galleries or contacting an artist directly. Also the PMA store, or for that matter memberships or donations to PMA, SPACE, Symphony, MPBN – any art non profit that depends on member support. Maybe a gift cert to take a class at Gathering of Stitches? Although Kyle Durrie isn’t technically local to Maine anymore, I have bought things from her.”

— Tanja Hollander, Photographer

Gift Certificate [various] by way of MOFGA

Guest Recommendation: “I love seeking out gifts that it’s likely no one else is going to give and so for that reason, I always start local first before I hit the internet. Another thing I always look for is a gift that keeps on giving. Take for example wine kits at Central Street Farmhouse in Bangor. If you have a favorite wine (even really fruity wine fans have an option here) owners & operators Zeth & Betsy Lundy carry it and best of all, if you’re not into the whole chemistry aspect of wine fermentation (and the clean up), you can make in store with staff guidance and tutorial. CSF does the rest for the next 8 weeks or so and after bottling, you leave up 27 full size bottles of wine! If wine isn’t your thing, they are insanely knowledgeable in home brewing and have everything you need for that beer lover you know.

“Next, I would highly suggest gifting the arts. No matter where you live, someone is creating art. In my home of Bangor, giving tickets or season subscriptions to the arts organizations like Bangor Symphony Orchestra, Penobscot Theatre Company or Robinson Ballet are a go to move for me. Try it, people love it.My last suggestion would have never occurred to me if I hadn’t been the recipient of it after my wedding two summers ago. This one is a little dependent on your region but honestly, l encourage holiday shoppers to think outside of the current season by looking for a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). It’s a lot like Birch Box or Dollar Shave Club but for local, Maine produce (sometimes cheeses & eggs) from farms in your area.”

Meg Shorette, Central Gallery + The Beta Agency


Alex Steed

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