22 Instagram photos that showcase how fabulous the Fryeburg Fair was


I recently wrote fondly about the Fryeburg Fair, and my memories about growing up going to it.

My wife and I went to the fair twice last week, once with our daughter and once without. As I explained elsewhere, the with child/without child experience are both two very animals. It’s hard to enjoy the fair while simultaneously going down the bumpy slide 8 times too many and trying to ensure that the kid doesn’t get abducted and forced into circus work.

Each visit, though, we managed to spend a silly amount of money on a silly amount of food. We walked the grounds, visited the goats, and watched scores of teenagers rove in wild packs that made the event feel like some rural, real-life retelling of The Warriors.

This morning I looked through some of the event-related hashtags on Instagram to see how it played out for everybody else. It appears as though good fun was had by all.

This guy was there, and he was definitely not terrifying. [via gryphoenixx]

Definitely not. [via pickles_n_things]

This baby, my new hero, appears to have had great fun. [via juferrell]

‘Merica was celebrated, one animatronic pony ride at a time. [via 75sawah]

True love was recognized and celebrated. [via victoriousbanks]

This promising young cult leader practiced his emerging powers of persuasion. [via gokidfears]

Porcine Elton John + Kiki Dee were honored. [via allieruthh]

Fair-goers were reminded of the fact that Autumn in New England naturally produces scenes like this for six to eight weeks out of the year, and this is what keeps us from going bonkers during the other stabbier months. [via elizabethgracepope]

Apologies were exchanged. [via k_charb]

This guy gave new meaning to the term “stump grinder” (Stump Grindr?) [via chihuahuakate]

This totally not phallic innuendo was captured. [via wickedwelder69]

As was this totally not phallic innuendo. [via guzd32]

Hat Trick. [via __homieee__]

He Who Shall Not Be Named was slandered (but I also heard that bumbling ginger Ronald Weasley loves butter, so…) [via aamccar]

Side Note: This gal’s Instagram name is Oxy Owl. [via oxy.owl]

Weight Watchers points were maxed the eff out. [via alexsteed]

This young woman flaunted two keys to my heart. [via macy.face]

Brain food was devoured. [via kyle_katalyst]

When she posted this photo, this woman employed the tag—and I am not making this up—#ItLooksLikeImPoopingAsmallChild. [via wonkyiffy]

Swagger was on display. [via barbaramc77]


Here too. [via hortandpott]

Even the Swag King made a rare but extraordinarily appreciated appearance. [via courtb2015]

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