I told Eater Maine how I would like to see the world changed with food…


Eater relaunched its site design today. From Eater Maine:

To mark the relaunch of Eater today, the Features team compiled a collection of seventy-two of the best ideas for how people around the world are or how they plan to or how they want to change the world through food. A lot of the ideas are incredibly earnest. Some are ambitious beyond reason. But what they all have in common is a belief that, with hard work and good food, the world is headed in the right direction.

As a local component to this feature, we asked the Maine community to chime in. So check out the national responses over here and scroll below to see what local thinkers and doers would like to do to change the world through food. Have a suggestion? Add it to the comments.

I was fortunate to be one of the voices highlighted by Eater Maine. As my suggestions show up alongside those of Joe Ricchio, Jason Loring, Cara Stadler, Illma Lopez, Mayor Brennan, and Rep. Pingree, I am in pretty good company.

My suggestions touch on childhood hunger and maintaining a sense of community by way of shared dining and agriculture:

My suggestions for how we use food to change the world here in the United States are not offered out of myopic self-interest, but because, despite the waning prowess of our global stature, we still have our hands in everything. Our guns are the biggest, our bombs the most plentiful; we remain the world police. What happens here affects everywhere on the planet…

You can read the rest of my suggestion, and the suggestions of many other industry-related folks here.

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