[VIDEO] Beer Camp Across America showcases Maine’s brewing prowess

I am thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America on Friday. The traveling beer festival only touched down on seven locations in the United States, one of which was right here in Portland. This is particularly significant because, as nearly everyone in the video touches upon, there is a great deal going on in Maine when it comes to craft brewing. Over 100 breweries were represented at the event, including over 40 from right here in Maine. Maine’s very own Allagash Brewing Company was in the spotlight, as they collaborated with Sierra Nevada to create Myron’s Walk, a Belgian style pale ale.

I had the opportunity to talk with a whole lot of great people in the beer community, including those highlighted here and a number of people we ended up having to cut to keep this short. Thanks to Sean Sullivan of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, Heather Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewing Company, Gene Beck of Nocturnem Draft Haus, Casey Hinds of The Liberal Cup, Jesse Baines of Sebago Brewing Company and Todd Alström and Ben Caplin of Beer Advocate for appearing here. And while they do not appear here, I would like to thank author Josh Christie, Sebago Brewing Company owner Kai Adams, Bangor Daily News beer blogger Chad Lothian, and Bunker Brewing Company’s Chresten Sorensen and Joe Watts, and several others for chatting with me at the event.

Also, many thanks to Dirigo Capital Advisors for making the production of this video possible.

Production and Photo Credit: Knack Factory.


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