Please don’t vote for me in the Portland Phoenix “Best Of” poll


Here I am eating a pile of meat for some reason.

I was again nominated for Best Of… in the Twitter category this year.

The other nominees included @nurse_abby, @missbumptious, @unnegatron (friend and former professor Jason Read) and @SoPoHomo.

I am beyond flattered, largely because I am pretty much just straight up myself on Twitter and so when I am nominated it is basically like people are saying, “I like this guy.” As a professional narcissist that goes a long way (kidding aside, I do appreciate it). All of this said, I am familiar with and fond of all of them (I just learned on @SoPoHomo, but with a name like @SoPoHomo, how can you go wrong?) and every single one of the other nominees are much more deserving of it than I am. I won last year and I feel like this should be a one-and-done situation.

And this isn’t false modesty. It isn’t that I don’t think I am awesome. It is that I think they do the Twitter thing way better and bring a lot more to that game than I do. A philosopher, two gals and a homo? The world doesn’t need to give another award to a white man with a bachelors degree.

So please take a minute and vote for one of them.

Alex Steed

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Alex Steed has written about and engaged in politics since he was an insufferable teenager. He has run for the Statehouse and produced a successful web series. He now runs a content firm called Knack Factory with two guys who are a lot more talented than himself.