Portland bartenders, bar owners and community members join the “Save Sangillo’s” cry


Sangillo’s has been on the receiving end of heavy scrutiny lately and some heavy hitters in the Portland food and drink community are speaking up.



At Eater, Margaret Lyons, owner of The Snug, weighed in:

Every neighborhood needs a Sangillo’s. There is a contingent that requires a certain type of bar. Whether that continent be Donald Sussman or Timmy Noname, they need a place where they can just have a gee dee drink … for cheap. Sangillo’s is not a charity endeavor for hipsters or an outreach project. They don’t need salvation. They need the opportunists to shut the fuck up and for their neighbors to circle the wagons. For what it’s worth, The Snug has Sangillo’s back.

Super bartender John Myers offered his two cents on Eater as well:

Because it’s a bar, a come-as-you-are bar. It’s not a gay bar, a hipster bar, a biker bar, a cocktail bar, or a gastro-pub. It’s not a fern bar, restaurant bar or a generic sterile hotel bar. It’s a bar bar. If you hear someone say “I wanna open a bar,” the next thing you’re bound to hear is “What kind of bar?” Ugh.

BDN blogger Chris Shorr defended Sangillo’s over at Portland Daily Sun:

Perhaps it’s because as a police force, they recognize that they will never be able to effectively corral the after hours trouble makers in the Old Port. So they might as well feign diligence by blaming a single blue collar establishment for a struggling neighborhood’s problems.

There is even a Save Sangillo’s Facebook page.



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