Erick Bennett has no use for Hitler-loving homos

Oh, don’t worry: This is totally not the Erick Bennett that is running against Sen. Collins from the right.

Edit: This totally is the Erick Bennett that is running against Sen. Collins from the right.



This is just part of how Bennett spent what clocked in at two hours of a Facebook argument in the comments section under a link on Ethan Strimling’s Facebook profile.

No word yet on whether or not “yellow” was a reference to wearing “yellow on Tuesday,” which upstanding heterosexual young boys didn’t want to be caught doing when I was a kid. Same with wearing earrings in the right ear. Nuh uh, no way.

I know that I have gone on record as saying that since Bennett’s mere existence makes a snarky political blogger’s existence WAY too easy that I would only write about him in the prose style of erotic fan fiction, but these gems just snuck right up on me.


But c’mon, don’t take “homo” in the way that you would expect a guy who ran a group that opposed gay marriage would mean “homo.” He meant it in the way a guy who has “no use for government oppression of people” would mean it.


Around 2 hours into the exchange, Bennett suggested to everybody forcing him to engage in said back-and-forth against his will that he must be liberated in order to reply to very important emails.


Because neither party has changed much in the past 150 years.

And because you must love Hitler.

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