47 unique [mostly] Maine-made gifts you can buy at PICNIC [and online]

Here is a sampling of the neat things that the vendors who will be at PICNIC Music + Arts Festival have been known to sell. PICNIC is my very favorite Portland Summer event that I never get to go to. Last year I got married on the day it took place and this year I will be away on vacation in Eastport. Eastport is all of the awesome and everything, but I am bummed that I will be missing the music, the art, and the opportunity to check out the vendors’ wares.

My wife Jaime put this list together, and it represents a lot of the sorts of odds and ends that are typically on display at the festival. Most of these items are likely to be there, but they are pulled from the Etsy pages / online shops of various vendors and some are one-of-a-kind items so don’t hold me to it. Also, you can buy most of these items online so while you should DEFINITELY make it to the event, if you can’t, you can shop from home.

There will be A LOT OF STUFF there, and we only displayed a sampling because we only highlighted stuff that we are into. AND some of the stuff we were into had difficult to navigate or non-existent web presences and so they were foregone accordingly because it takes a lot of time to put one of these together as it is. You can check out the full vendor list here.

The price ranges are all over the place. I made two similar lists late last year for the Picnic Holiday sale, one of cool stuff and another of affordable cool stuff, and you can check those out as well. There is some overlap between those lists and this one, but not much. As I suggested, some of these items are one-of-a-kind and so what is listed here is no longer available, definitely check out the shop-owners’ other wares as there is a bunch of cool stuff out there.


Whale espresso cups
[$34] by way of Abby Berkson Ceramics

Lace apron
[$15] by way of Alley Oop Vintage

Vintage spoon bracelet
[$45] by way of Alyce Paul

Reusable paper towels
[$50] by way of Anne Riggs Designs

Vegan burlap card holder / wallet [$12] by way of ApRi

Thimble necklace [$125] by way of Barbarian Enterprises

Maine plaid t-shirt
[$25] by way of bybethany

Keyhole necklace [$300] by way of c.e. golden

Laughing skull iPad sleeve [$22] by way of Cherry Belle Designs

Waxed cotton satchel
[$175] by way of Chrononaut Mercantile

Necklace [$150] by way of Dev Bennett

[$65] by way of erin flett / studio e flett design

Tote bag
[$8] by way of Exit 232 Designs

See you in Hell letterpress cards [$4] by way of Ferdinand

Burlap wall art
[$45] by way of Fiber and Water

Screenprint of old church
[$30] by way of Kris Johnsen / Emblem Studio

Pet tags [$12] by way of Lofted Designs

Goat milk soap [$6] by way of Long Winter Farm Soap Co.

Owl gloves [$39] by way of  Makings of Shanna Tice

Flower brooch
[$16] by way of Migration Goods

Reusable sandwich and snack bags
[$20] by way of Molly Angle

Towel gift sets
[$55] by way of Nestleberry

Hand dyed yarn
[$20] by way of On the Round

Cross stitch pullover [$38] by way of Pinecone + Chickadee

“Wicked creative blank dastardly journal”
[$25] by way of Purplebean Bindery

Wild flower field pullover
[$42] by way of Red Prairie Press

Vintage apron
[$20] by way of Retro Girl’s Attic

Mini clothespin magnet set
[$4] by way of Running Blynd

Belt buckle
[$32] by way of ScrapMetalMags

Recycled vinyl
[$20] by way of Second Spin Vinyl Record Designs

Maine state map
[$28] by way of SepiaLepus Illustrations

Men’s leather wallet
[$38] by way of  Shara Porter Designs

Earrings [$18] by way of Shoreside Chic

Breaking Bad cufflink
+ earring kit [$18] by way of Sleepy Mountain

Bearded lady doll
[$175] by way of Strange Dolls

I [HEART] F-Bombs! print [$10] by way of Strong Arm Bindery

Mermaid Domino Pendant
[$19] by way of The Last Domino

Stay Puft baby / toddler Halloween costume [$48] + Jerry Garcia onesie [$22] by way of The Wishing Elephant

[$12] by way of Twamies / Medusawolf

Print [$12] by way of Medusawolf

[$95] by way of Twigs and Heather

Upcycled necklace
[$70] by way of Twitch and Whiskers

Ocean Jasper and sterling sliver ring
[$120] by way of Walker Silverworks

Party crown
[$5] by way of Wishbone Letterpress

The Molecules of Happiness print set
[$55] by Yakawonis Quilling

[$25] by way of Yardsale Press

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