LePage told Republicans that President Obama “hates white people”


I wonder how Adrienne Bennett‘s conscience is treating her these days.

Photo Source: It’s from that time I imagine Bennett was like, you know what, screw it. Let’s just pretend that I am really a reputable newswoman who hasn’t sold out her integrity and that you are really a governor.

Note: A friend in the news pointed out—half jokingly—that “to be fair, Bennett wasn’t working today.” Sure, but she continues making her living by standing up for this guy.

The Republican sources in the story linked above spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of political retribution. That story, by the way, ran in that paper the governor joked about wanting to bomb because he hates the news for, you know, reporting about his crooked administration.

On a related note, this line from Mario Moretto’s great politics blog cracked me up: “Efforts to contact LePage’s press secretary, Adrienne Bennett, have so far been unsuccessful. The big news out of the Blaine House yesterday, when the story broke, had been that LePage had sent boxes of lobster meat and other goodies to the governor’s of the other 49 states in an effort to promote Maine’s lobster industry.”

Another friend suggested, “The governor has issues, he likes attention, disregard anything he says.” Perhaps, but those who stick around to enable and defend are the ones who need to be reminded of the legacies they will leave behind. That my mind instantly goes to Bennett and whatever snide, half-assed response she will deliver on behalf of her boss when he, say, says something about President Obama not liking white people does not bode well for her post-2014 career.


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