On the great Ossipee Valley Music Festival

Because I have a background in event catering and organizing the occasional farm-to-table dinner party, last year my wife Jaime and I were invited by the organizers of the Ossipee Valley Music Festival to provide for the event locally sourced fare. We had our second go at working the event this weekend.

It you are not familiar with the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, you are missing out. You can read Timothy Gillis’ comprehensive profile of the event here, where he highlights that this year’s event featured four stages and 40 bands. The line up included Marty Stuart, Sarah Jarosz, The Holmes Brothers, Sara Watkins, The Duhks, The Nutopians and Della Mae. In our experience, every single one of the people we interact with—and this includes the talent—are wonderful, big-hearted people.

[Side Note: Many thanks to the whole of the great guys of Tricky Britches, who frequented our booth so regularly that their patronage alone could have kept us afloat.]

Jaime and I had a blast serving as farm-to-table food vendors at the festival. While we only do this about once a year (and throw the dinner event here and there), we very much enjoy working with with local farmers (I am looking at you, Merrifield Farm) to produce tasty alternatives to traditional fair food. It puts Jaime and me into very close proximity to music, food, farmers, and people, which are some of the things we love the most and we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Alex Steed

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