The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach loves Portland, Maine, apparently.

Video: The Black Keys play Everlasting Light as an encore at their 2012 Portland, Maine show.

My friend and fellow-BDNer Whit Richardson emailed to let me know that Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys is super into Portland, Maine:

Auerbach told Rolling Stone that the band’s best show in 10 years took place in Portland last year.

“That was the most amazing show,” he said. “The crowd was insane … They turned into one living organism. It was what I always thought a Glastonbury crowd would be like.”

So there you have it. This shows how absolutely out of touch I am. I am typically overwhelmed and made nervous by masses of white people, as history shows that this is statistically most dangerous kind of crowd there is. To avoid the horde at the Civic Center show, I sat up in the higher level seats where the sound was bad and I was wholly disconnected from the show. It wasn’t until then that I remembered that while I appreciate their profuse talents, the Black Keys aren’t even really my cup of tea anyway and so I left about 5 songs in, Rex Reed style.

That said, what a nifty bit of press for Portland. Thanks, Auerbach, and thanks to Lauren Wayne and the great folks at the State Theater for bringing another global-attention-worthy show to our great city.


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