Hugo’s pre-re-opening staff training event


Our great friends at Hugo’s hosted a pre-re-opening staff training event last week after a beautiful renovation (and rebranding by way of the great folks over at Might + Main). My content firm Knack Factory was there to cover the event for the restaurant, and our photographer / my partner Zack Bowen captured some beautiful photos.

While (again, in the name of the fullest disclosure) the folks at Hugo’s are clients of my firm, my love for them goes beyond that. While Hugo’s has been on hiatus during their renovation, we have very regularly frequented Eventide Oyster Company, Hugo’s  sister restaurant. I get a post-work cocktail with my wife there at least once a week, I even recorded this podcast interview with Joel Beauchamp there. Further, each of us at Knack Factory have eaten our weight in deliciousness at both Eventide and pre-rennovation Hugo’s many times over. We have a lot of love for what Arlin, Andrew and Mike are doing for our food scene.

Anything positive we could write about the newly renovated space would be a sad understatement. Fortunately we have Zack’s photographs, which we will let speak for themselves. Enjoy.












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